Added simple in-text tagging script
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Add option to ignore repeated tag markers
5 years ago
.github added more information 5 years ago
add-multiple-tags + script: add-multiple-tags/add-multiple-tags.qml 5 years ago
custom-stylesheet added preview-styling script 6 years ago
disable-readonly-mode updated script name 5 years ago
encryption-keybase encryption info update 6 years ago
encryption-pgp rephrase compatibility requirements (#46) 5 years ago
epsilon-notes-tags Small fix 5 years ago
example-script fixed a typo and a declaration 5 years ago
export-checkboxes improved regular expression 5 years ago
export-notes-as-one-html Added script export-notes-as-one-html.qml 5 years ago
external-note-diff fixed a typo and a declaration 5 years ago
external-note-open added script external-note-open 5 years ago
favorite-note added minAppVersion properties 6 years ago
github-headline added more information 6 years ago
headline-depth Update info.json 6 years ago
image-preview Add image-preview script. 6 years ago
in-note-text-tagging Add option to ignore repeated tag markers 5 years ago
inbox adding support for .jpeg images 5 years ago
insert-text Added insert text button script 6 years ago
insert-toc Fix invalid chars pattern to allow numbers 5 years ago
journal-entry changed documentation and indention 6 years ago
list-maker Add files via upload 6 years ago
markdown-it added table margins an paddings 5 years ago
meeting-note Add default tags and default folder to apply to a newly saved 6 years ago
merge-notes Update info.json 6 years ago
note-from-bitrix-task improved on task id detection 5 years ago
note-from-jira-issue added two more scripts 6 years ago
note-link-to-clipboard Fixed issue with multibyte chars 5 years ago
note-stats Update info.json 6 years ago
paste-from-skype-history added paste-from-skype-history script 6 years ago
paste-html-as-github-markdown added script paste-html-as-github-markdown 6 years ago
paste-latex-image added minAppVersion properties 6 years ago
preview-styling added some information 6 years ago
render-plantuml version bump 5 years ago
scribble added more script functionality 5 years ago
selected-markdown-to-bbcode doing case insensitive replace 5 years ago
selected-markdown-to-jira did some character escaping 5 years ago
selected-markdown-to-slack added selected-markdown-to-slack script 6 years ago
solar-calendar-integration added some whitespaces 5 years ago
sort-lines info.json fix 5 years ago
symbol-buttons Add files via upload 6 years ago
taskwarrior Fixed bug preveting from importing a task that has no tag. 6 years ago
text-highlights Rewrite to address issue #925 (#43) 5 years ago
unique-note-id version bump and updated description 5 years ago
weather-stats removed a log message 6 years ago
.gitignore ignored some files 6 years ago
.travis.yml added tests and travis 6 years ago
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QOwnNotes script repository

Installation | Changelog | Issues | Releases | Documentation | IRC Chat | Gitter Chat

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Here you will find the scripts you can directly access in QOwnNotes, the plain-text file notepad with markdown support and Nextcloud and ownCloud integration.

Please visit the Scripting documentation for more information about scripting and how to write your own.

To bring your script into the script repository you just have to do the following:

  • fork the repository on GitHub
  • checkout your forked repository with git clone qownnotes-scripts
  • duplicate the example-script folder and give it an other descriptive name
  • add your script to the folder and remove the example-script.qml
  • edit the info.json to add your meta data and describe what your script is doing
  • commit and push your changes to your repository
  • create a pull request to get your script merged into the QOwnNotes script repository