Add option to ignore repeated tag markers

When listing tags of a note, this adds the option to only look for tags which contain a single tag marker at the beginning and ignore the others. So if your tag marker is @, and the option is enabled it will display @some_tag as a tag but ignore @@no_tag.
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marty-oehme 2018-11-28 15:20:35 +01:00 committed by GitHub
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commit f1f52efb68
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@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ import QOwnNotesTypes 1.0
Script {
property string tagMarker
property bool ignoreDoubleMarkers
property bool putToBeginning
property string tagHighlightColor
@ -20,6 +21,13 @@ Script {
"type": "string",
"default": "@",
"identifier": "ignoreDoubleMarkers",
"name": "Ignore repeated tag markers",
"description": "If enabled tags preceded by the same marker multiple times (such as @@no_tag) will be ignored.",
"type": "boolean",
"default": "false",
"identifier": "putToBeginning",
"name": "Put tags to beginning of note rather than to end",
@ -129,7 +137,10 @@ Script {
// add the tag if it wasn't in the list
if (tagNameList.indexOf(tagName) == -1) {
// add the tag if it contains no duplicate tagMarkers or the check is disabled
if(ignoreDoubleMarkers == false || tagName.startsWith(escapeRegExp(tagMarker)) == false) {
return tagNameList;