Styler-compatible processors for base16 themes.
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Marty Oehme 10cfc6b417
Update stylesheet
6 months ago
css-template.css Update stylesheet 6 months ago
example_template Fix utility sourcing 3 years ago
theme_alacritty Make use of alacritty include functionality 2 years ago
theme_dunst Update dunst to use drop-in configuration files 7 months ago
theme_kitty Add experimental kitty processor 9 months ago
theme_qutebrowser Fix qutebrowser quoting and formatting 9 months ago
theme_rofi Fix utility sourcing 3 years ago
theme_shell Fix utility sourcing 3 years ago
theme_styles Fix css processor not working without theme dir 2 years ago
theme_vim Update stylesheet 2 years ago
theme_waybar Add waybar theming to processors 10 months ago
theme_xresources Fix polybar hardcoding 2 years ago
theme_zathura Update zathura to use drop-in colorscheme file 7 months ago Improve utilities dbg_msg documentation 2 years ago