Migrate your habits from Nomie to Loop Habit Tracker.
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from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, Union
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
import re
# A nomie habit tracker. Tracks anything whose value can be encapsulated in a numerical value.
class Tracker:
tag: str
label: str
id: str
one_tap: bool = True
color: str = "#000080"
emoji: str = ""
hidden: bool = False
ignore_zeros: bool = False
math: str = "mean"
type: str = "tick" # tick or range mostly
uom: str = ""
# TODO no idea what include does
include: str = ""
min: int = 0
max: int = 0
goal: int = 0
default: int = 0
score: Union[int, str] = 1 # score can be string ('custom') or int
score_calc: list[dict[str, Any]] = field(default_factory=lambda: [])
def __post_init__(self):
# ensure save as int if not 'custom' scoring
if re.match(r"^-?[0-9]+$", str(self.score)):
object.__setattr__(self, "score", int(self.score))
class Activity:
tracker: Tracker
value: int = 1
# A nomie note. Records any circumstance of 'something happened' through prose.
# These are undigested events, whose changed trackers are still encapsulated
# in the 'note' field as continuous text.
class Event:
id: str
start: int
end: int
text: str
activities: list[Activity] = field(default_factory=lambda: [])
score: int = 0
lat: float = 0.0
lng: float = 0.0
location: str = ""
modified: bool = False
offset: str = "" # local timezone offset?
source: str = "n5" # nomie version
class NomieImport:
version: str
trackers: list[Tracker]
events: list[Event]