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Add long-form option parsing
So far we could only add single-letter (POSIX) options: `-e`, `-n` and
so forth. Since we will run out of alphabet at some point, this commit
introduces parsing of multi-letter long-form (gnu) options (plus any
modern application should really support it anyways):
`--echo`, `--noline`.

Additionally, we support supplying long-form options that supply a value
both in the spaced (`--hist-limit 0`) and the equals (`--hist-limit=0`)
forms. Short, long, spaced, equals can be mixed and matched between

Lastly, we retain the ability to concatenate short options as before
(`-ne` is valid, as is `-P0` for the respective options above).

This should cover all bases and does not complicate the code too much to
keep a coherent overview.

Changed several code samples in the documentation to make
use of short- or long-form options to point out
2023-08-26 14:37:44 +02:00
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